Stop the overdevelopment and densification (Vancouverization) proposed in the 2018 Gonzales Neighbourhood Plan

This design for the Rhodo has now been updated. The most recent design submitted to the City can be found here  

The plan that the City is proposing for Gonzales will have a significant impact on the look and feel of the neighbourhood. Consequently, it will have an effect on our quality of life.


The plan has already been completed without what we consider to be adequate consultation with residents. However, as a result of the objections from the community, it has been sent back to planners for revision. We do not feel the proposed revisions will be adequate and that there will still be many issues with the plan. For example:


  • Single-family homes on your street may be replaced with duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes or townhouses. This could mean the loss of space between houses and backyards.


  • It is almost certain that renters who have to leave their homes due to construction plans will not be able to afford to rent or own one of the new homes or apartments that are being built. 


  • Car traffic and parking issues will be significantly increased with the push for densification?


  • The City is planning to put speed bumps on Richardson as well as other "traffic calming" measures to make it “uncomfortable” for drivers to use it. This, in addition to other traffic calming measures in the plan, is specifically intended to "encourage people to leave the car behind.”


  • There are no provisions for schools, transportation, parks or other public infrastructure needed to support such an increase in density.


  • The inadequate planning to manage infrastructure will result in unreasonably crowded conditions at Margaret Jenkins school.


  • There will be a significant loss of green space and heritage trees to allow for larger units on each lot?


  • Bike lanes will be built throughout the Gonzales neighborhood, which, when added to the densification plan and traffic calming measures, will create even further road congestion and result in even less street parking.


If you share our concerns about the plans for rapid growth in Gonzales and would like your voice to be heard by council please sign our petition.


We are a group of concerned Gonzales residents that want the City to honour the existing 2002 Gonzales Neighbourhood Plan which allows for gradual densification while maintaining affordability.


Despite considerable objections raised about the 2018 plan as well as the fairness of the process undertaken to design it, a decision will be made in the next 2 months regarding the proposed plan. We need your help now in order to influence its outcome!


Your silence will be interpreted by the City as support for the new plan.



View the plan here: Gonzales Neighbourhood Plan

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