Timeline of Events 

How were so many non-residents able to influence the Gonzales plan?  Below is the timeline of events.


Unfortunately, while we were not paying attention, others were, and the result is a plan that does not accurately reflect the wishes of the residents of Gonzales. So, although the City states that it "engaged residents", the engagement was flawed.


For the summary, see below. There is a great deal of documentation on the City website that describes who was involved, when and how Link to City Page.


 (1)  Phase 1 Pre-Planning  (April-May 2016):


According to the City of Victoria website:


On Saturday, April 9, 2016, the neighbourhoods of Fairfield and Gonzales began discussing their neighbourhood plan(s) at a community meeting at Fairfield Community Place.


Approximately 90 residents and businesses provided input on key considerations and issues and about who should be engaged and by what means [1]. The feedback received was collated and summarized and can be viewed here



(2)  Phase 2 Imagine (June - August 2016):


According to the City of Victoria website:


Between June 18 and August 31, 2016, Fairfield and Gonzales neighbours were asked to help build the vision and goals for the future of their neighbourhood.


The City states that they engaged residents and businesses through:

  • an online survey (354 people [2]),

  • a community workshop (over 100 participants),

  • sounding boards (1,190 ideas), and

  • several citizen-led [3] meetings to begin to discuss the future of their neighbourhoods.

(3)  Phase 3 Co-Create (October - November 2016):


According to the City of Victoria website:


At the start of the phase launched in October 2016, neighbours were invited to dig deeper into key issues identified by the community. A series of forums were held on issues including, housing, urban villages, transportation, parks and more PDF Report here.


(4)  Draft Plan Engagement (May - June 2017):


According to the City of Victoria website:


The draft Gonzales neighbourhood plan was released to the community for feedback in spring 2017. The plan was developed based on community input over the previous three phases engagement. During the draft plan engagement, every household was mailed a brochure with the plan highlights and links to the full plan as well as an online survey. Four events were held, two open houses and two drop-in events. Six ‘Pizza and a Planner’ events were also held, in which community members invited their neighbours into their homes and the City provided a planner and pizza [4].


 Details of draft plan and engagement here.




(5)  Revisions and OCP (Official Community Plan) Amendment (October 2017):


According to the City of Victoria website:


Community engagement on the proposed Gonzales neighbourhood plan was held between October 10 and October 29, 2017. The community was invited to attend an open house and complete an online survey on revisions to the draft plan and amendments to the Official Community Plan to align with the new plan. Details of this engagement here.




(6)  Report to Council and OCP Amendment Bylaw (December 2017):


Report and Amendment Bylaw here.




(7)  Meeting with Concerned Gonzales Neighbours (January 30, 2018):


Initial Meeting with concerned neighbours from greater Fairfield/Gonzales to discuss land use planning and how we need to work together and share information.  Met at James Bay Community School.  35 people attended from the area with some attendees from James Bay and Rockland.




(8) Concerned Gonzales Neighbours Follow-up Meetings:


  • Subsequent meetings with neighbours from across Gonzales and Fairfield with focus on the Gonzales Plan as it was up for imminent approval.


  • Neighbours worked together to convince the City to allow for more public input. City agreed to change March 8 from the day the plan was to be approved to one of Council listening to neighbours concerns.



  • Group developed document entitled "What the Gonzales Neighbourhood plan Means to You"  and distributed 500 copies . 

  • Began compiling list of other  concerned neighbours



(9)  Council Meeting to discuss Gonzales Neighbourhood Plan (March 8, 2018) - Last on Agenda!!


  • Many from community attended; however, most had to leave before Gonzales neighbours where able to speak because of the time.


  • Video of community members’ presentations can be viewed here. Start at 2 hours 25 minutes into video.




(10)  Lisa Helps Tables a Motion – Approved a special council meeting (March 15, 2018).


  • Motion can be read here.


  • Video of Council discussion is available on City website. Note certain members appear to be less agreeable than others.



(11)  Established Gonzales Neighbourhood Association (March 16, 2018).


Meetings were held to discuss concerns, share ideas and strategies and discuss results achieved by other neighbourhoods.




(12)  First Meeting of Gonzales Neighbourhood Association (March 31, 2018).




[1] Who were these businesses that provided input on who should be engaged and how?

[2] How were “residents notified about this survey and other events?

[3] “Citizen-led” not “resident-led."

[4] This is where the Gonzales neighbours need to be more involved and pay attention.

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