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The Gonzales Neighbourhood Association (GNA) is a group of concerned neighbours that want to ensure that Gonzales residents are aware of the plans for their neighbourhood, and that the wishes of the community are represented to the City. The project team members meet monthly, if you would like to participate, please contact us.


This is a volunteer organization, all costs are absorbed by the members - Flyers, website, signs, etc. If you would like to contribute by helping with costs, you can donate through PayPal. Thank you.

The Gonzales Neighbourhood Association was incorporated in December 2018 as the Gonzales Community Network Association.


The purpose of the society is to promote, support or to undertake any activity that will enhance the quality of life in the Gonzales Community Area in the City of Victoria, B.C., including but not limited to the following:


a. To foster community participation in land use changes within the area;


b. To enter into contracts with various agencies to improve the well-being of the Gonzales community;


c. To encourage participation of residents in all public projects within the Gonzales community and to encourage consultation with residents concerning policies, planning and program delivery, including consultation and participation in the preparation and implementation of the Victoria Official Community Plan, and neighbourhood community plans for the Gonzales Community Area;


d. To actively liaise with other neighbourhoods to ensure all residents of Victoria have informative forums to discuss issues that affect the quality of their environment and their lives;


e. To promote or operate facilities which will enable the Society to fulfill its purposes and carry on its activities;


f. To nominate candidates to boards or advisory commissions;


g. To enhance the quality of life in the Gonzales Community Area by offering services and programs consistent with the interests and issues of area residents;


h. To plan, administer, operate and maintain the necessary organizational structure, facilities and staff to achieve the purposes and functions of the Society;


i. To receive, administer and allot funds, and provide services according to the priorities agreed between the Society and funding authorities;


j. To maintain the residential, heritage and estate character of the Gonzales Community Area;


k. To retain traditional houses in the Gonzales Community Area and conserve other heritage features;


l. To preserve, wherever possible, landscape features such as rock outcrops, mature trees, stone walls, fences, gateposts and other landscape features and structures in the Gonazales Community Area;


m. To promote excellence in architectural design and construction compatible with the environment and ambiance of the Gonzales Community Area;


n. To work with the City of Victoria to address traffic and cycling issues in the Gonzales Community Area, including volume, speed, congestion, parking and safety.



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Gonzales Community Network Association Inc