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Because the GNA is not currently recognized as the representative organization for Gonzales, we are limited in how effective we can be in representing our neighborhood. We also receive no funding from the city (unlike other neighbourhood associations that are officially recognized), and we are fully funded by donations only.

Attempts to discuss issues of interest or concern to the neighbourhood with the city planning department as well as attempts to meet with developers proactively have been met with resistance because we are not officially recognized by the city.


In order to be able to interact with stakeholders effectively, the GNA must be recognized officially.



 A recent City of Victoria survey asked residents to consider

 three potential options as to which association should recognize   Gonzales:


     1) Separate Gonzales from the Fairfield Gonzales Neighbourhood

        Association (FGCA) so that it has its own association.


​    2) Have Gonzales merge with Rockland for land planning purposes


    3) Have Gonzales remain under the FGCA for land planning 

        purposes - status quo


64% of respondents indicated that they wanted a change from the current situation.  

Help us tell council that Gonzales needs its own association

Tell council that you would like to see a separate association in Gonzales.

Check off your reasons for wanting a separate association and/or add your own.




Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing to express my support for the Gonzales Neighbourhood Association (GNA) assuming the role of the representative organization for Gonzales and separation of Gonzales from the Fairfield Gonzales Neighbourhood Association (FGCA).


The reasons I support this action include:

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