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Neighbourhood Organisations


Gonzales Hill Preservation Society

The Gonzales Hill Preservation Society has been active since the 1980s at working to preserve public spaces on Gonzales Hill and minimize private development on the former federal government lands around Gonzales Observatory. Although the society's efforts led to the Capital Regional District acquiring the lands for a park, there are still threats including non-native plants and encroachment of new buildings on adjacent private lots.  For more information please visit the Society's Facebook Page or e-mail them at

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Safe Neighbourhoods Start With You


The Victoria Police Department (VicPD) Block Watch program is a community-based approach to safe neighbourhoods. Residents partner with VicPD and their neighbours to be an additional set of eyes and ears and are asked to report any suspicious or criminal activity they observe. Under the leadership of a Block Watch Captain, neighbours form a communication and information sharing network to discuss what’s going on in the neighbourhood and how to stay better connected. 


Participation is voluntary; the first step is to identify someone to take on the leadership role within your neighbourhood.  That person accepts the duties of being a Block Watch Captain and works with the VicPD Block Watch Coordinator to deliver the program to neighbours. Participants share information and work together with VicPD to maintain a positive approach to crime prevention initiatives.


VicPD looks forward to working with all residents in the Gonzales neighbourhood in an effort to maintain safe and healthy communities in the neighbourhoods where you live, work and play.


To learn more about VicPD Block Watch, and how to build a connected neighbourhood, please visit our website VicPD Block Watch.  To sign up or to make an inquiry please contact Kimberly Kelley, VicPD Block Watch Coordinator. 


Kimberly Kelley, BBA

Community Programs Coordinator    

Victoria Police Department


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