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Official Community Plan

For more information on the community plan here is a link to the city website:

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Please see below an excerpt from an e-mail from Councillor Marg Gardiner about one of the more significant OCP changes proposed by council.  If you look at the maps below it is proposed that all lots within two blocks of Fairfield road will be zoned for 6 story buildings at minimum and the entire neighbourhood of Gonzales at the extreme.  These are the only two options available to choose from.  And as the Councillor states, once these changes are made to the OCP, public hearings will not be allowed.

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Official Community Plan – ZONING proposals

The staff OCP report signals a significant shift in policy direction, far more significant than the Missing Middle Housing Initiative.  
Schematics of the proposed zoning are provided as Attachments D and E.  
Attachment D, the Bolder approach, suggests greater densification near village centres, maintaining several ground oriented areas.
Attachment E, the Boldest approach, suggests ground oriented OR 6-storey if rental - almost everywhere in the neighbourhoods.
Neither schematic appears to provide an overview with the existing density.
Please note, that whichever direction taken by Council, once in the OCP this blanket zoning would prohibit public hearings for zone-compliant developments.  This is due to one of the housing bills put in place by the Province of BC late last year (specifically Bill 44).
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