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July 9: Neighbourhood Boundaries Survey Completed

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The City of Victoria is considering changing boundaries of some of its neighbourhoods and is soliciting input from residents. For Gonzales, there are three options under consideration:

  1. To leave as is with Gonzales combined with Fairfield (FGCA)

  2. To have Gonzales join with the Rockland Neighbourhood Assocation

  3. To have a separate Gonzales Neighbourhood Association

The GNA Board supports option 3 (separate Gonzales Neighbourhood Association), and is open to the idea of option 2 (combined with Rockland).

The City recently conducted an online survey to allow residents to express their preferences, and the survey results have now been released. To see a summary of the results for the Gonzales neighbourhood please see the document below.

Survey Results e-mail
Download PDF • 54KB

For more information about the board's perspective on this issue, please see these two documents.

Neighbourhood Boundaries email to members 7Jun2021
Download PDF • 69KB
Letter to council - July 30 2019
Download PDF • 471KB

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