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Development Proposals as of August 7 2022

Current Development Proposals

The following projects/proposals within the Gonzales neighbourhood are currently active within the City of Victoria's development tracking process.

  • 1005 Chamberlain Street. Archived. Pre-Application (CALUC). No other details available.

  • 902 Foul Bay Road. Development Permit and Heritage Alteration Permit with Variance and Rezoning Application to allow two multiple dwelling buildings and a parking variance.

  • 1768 Chandler Avenue. Development Variance Permit application to subdivide and construct Single Family Dwelling on each property, including variances related to lot width and side yard setbacks.

  • 1840 Crescent Road. Rezoning Application to subdivide the property and create a small lot.

  • 515 Foul Bay Road. Rezoning application for retention of existing building with multiple dwellings and addition of new buildings containing multiple dwellings; Development permit to construct attached dwellings.

  • 1734 Hollywood Crescent. Rezoning Application to add an addition and create multiple dwellings.

  • 1733, 1735, 1737 Fairfield Road. Development Permit with Variance application to construct a multiple dwelling building with variance. Also, Rezoning Application to allow a four storey multi-unit residential building of 19 units with amendment to the Official Community Plan.

More information on each of these proposals is available on the City of Victoria's Development Tracker app at:

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