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Development Proposals as of May 11, 2022

Current Development Proposals

The following projects/proposals within the Gonzales neighbourhood are currently active within the City of Victoria's development tracking process.

  • 902 Foul Bay Road. Development Permit and Heritage Alteration Permit with Variance and Rezoning Application to allow two multiple dwelling buildings and a parking variance.

  • 1768 Chandler Avenue. Development Variance Permit application to subdivide and construct Single Family Dwelling on each property, including variances related to lot width and side yard setbacks.

  • 1840 Crescent Road. Rezoning Application to subdivide the property and create a small lot.

  • 515 Foul Bay Road. Rezoning application for retention of existing building with multiple dwellings and addition of new buildings containing multiple dwellings; Development permit to construct attached dwellings.

  • 1734 Hollywood Crescent. Rezoning Application to add an addition and create multiple dwellings.

  • 1733, 1735, 1737 Fairfield Road. NEW. Development Permit with Variance application to construct a multiple dwelling building with variance. Also, Rezoning Application to allow a four storey multi-unit residential building of 19 units with amendment to the Official Community Plan.

  • 801 Bank Street (Glenlyon-Norfolk School). Development Variance Permit application to increase the height of temporary accessory building from the previously approved variance height. Approved by Council March 10, 2022. ARCHIVED

  • 997 Wilmer Street. Development Variance Permit application for a one stall parking variance. Approved by Council March 10, 2022. ARCHIVED

  • 1848/1850 Hollywood Cres and 137/139 Robertson St. Rezoning Application and Development Permit to construct a duplex with two secondary suites, including proposed parking-related variance. Approved by Council February 10, 2022. ARCHIVED

More information on each of these proposals is available on the City of Victoria's Development Tracker app at:

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